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Why people use our service over doing it themselves ?

We are here to help hiring managers who among others things are:

  1. Too busy to do hiring
  2. Unsure on how to get advertising and promotion out to attract good people
  3. Frustrated with past results
  4. Strung out because they are understaffed and cant find the time to secure the people they need

Recruitsme takes the challenge of setting up and sourcing for a role off our customers hands providing them with a weekly shortlist of qualified people to choose from.

We provide the first list of applicants within 7 days of engagement, this means the hiring manager can relax after we have taken the briefing on the role, we will drive it from there.

Because we understand that business’s need to control costs we have made our service accessible with pricing thats affordable for small and medium sized business, at a level where we would challenge you to deliver an equivalent or better result for less!

Why people use our service over using recruitment agencies 

Our service is unique in New Zealand, we dont have direct competitors who do what we do for the low fee that we deliver it for. There are many recruiters who work on roles for a placement fee where they charge a % of the annual income (our executive search business works this way), our Recruitsme service charges one small up front service fee for a service that will fill your role.