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Our service initiates the hiring process quickly and efficiently and manages the market response.

The primary focus is on getting you to the stage where you are interviewing people who have the experience that match’s your requirement. 


In summary Heres how it works:

Contact us and we run through the Initial Consultation. Our promise is to have the approved advertising loaded within 48 hours of taking your call. You can leave it with us after the 30 minute consultation. Your requirement from here is to review our weekly shortlisting report and select those to interview from our pre-qualified applicants.

We go to work Applicant Sourcing by ensuring the advertising is working on all our job boards. We search the talentsourcing resources for the job boards and we provide you with links to our system so you can promote via your social media and other web channels. As applicants apply for the opportunity our Application Review and Management system receives the applications and we review and process them daily. Every applicant is notified on their status, they are ranked against your criteria and the best matches are phone interviewed. A weekly shortlist is sent to you with our recommendation on those to progress to interview.

Once you are interviewing we remain available for advice and support and we continue to manage and provide new applications. Our service runs for up to 3 months or until you fill your role.  

For more details heres How we fill your role:

1 Initial Consultation

Sharing our industry experience: We will work with you to get a clear understanding of what you need. In an easy 30 minute consultation by phone or in person we will ask you about your role requirements and determine the key “selling points” of your role and company. Here we offer to you our years of industry knowledge and can advise you on the recruitment challenges for your industry/role type, and our suggestions for best meeting market challenges. Through our consultation process we will create a job ad for you even if you do not have a job description for the role. We can also assist you in writing job descriptions.

Capturing the role in an ad: We will then create a compelling advertisement, accurately describing your company, the key responsibilities and opportunities of the role, and the work experience and skills that applicants who apply should have. There is a fine art to making a job ad specific enough to clearly outline the qualities of the applicants you are looking for and keeping it broad enough to attract the widest catchment of relevant applicants. We make sure we get the balance right by finding out from you the ‘must-haves’ for the role versus areas that could be learned based on applicants’ transferable skills and development potential.

Deciding your ad’s search criteria: It is important that your job ad will show up when relevant applicants search for roles on job boards. We offer advice on how to specify the job type, industry type and what to call your job to ensure that the role will resonate with the applicants you wish to attract. Specifying a pay range is another important consideration that we will advise you on based on our market knowledge.

2 Applicant Sourcing

Wide outreach: A benefit of engaging Recruitsme is that we have access to a wide range of job boards to use to advertise your role. We offer cost effective advertising options on SEEK or TradeMe or both, and your job ad is also placed on our own recruitment website and the Indeed job board. We give you the option of attaching your own branding to the ad which is a great way to propel your brand name into the public eye. Alternatively your ads can be posted anonymously with our Recruitsme branding.

Talent search: Did you know that advertising on SEEK also gives you the opportunity to find and approach applicants on the SEEK website? We are experts in applicant search and outreach and provide this added way of connecting with applicants for all ads we place in SEEK.

Cost saving: Advertising in Seek or Trademe is the main sourcing tool, Recruitsme bundles one premium advertisement with the package with additional branded advertising available at $200+GST per advertisement via Recruitsme. As a casual subscriber your direct pricing for the same advertising would be between $245 and $278 per advertisement. It’s less cost to advertise via Recruitsme and you get a professionally written and managed advertisement with your logo on it.   

We monitor ad performance: After setting up advertising we monitor the performance of the ad. We will always provide you with feedback on how well the ad has attracted desired applicants and we may recommend changes to the advertising strategy to improve our applicant outreach. We can also make adjustments to the ad if you find your criteria changes after reviewing applications and reflecting more on the role. Our applicant management system also allows us to track and feedback to you which advertising sources applicants have been applying from most.  

3 Applicant Review & Management

Our applicant management system: Recruitsme applications are stored and processed using our sophisticated Salesforce.com based applicant management system, we share the same technology and resilience as some of the worlds largest organisations. We will never lose a CV. Our system allows us to easily track new applications, our comments on applicants, and the communication we have had with all applicants.

Thorough applicant screening: We process and review large volumes of applications according to predetermined criteria that we have agreed with you. We can also screen applicants who have applied directly or been referred to you. We phone screen highly rated applicants making sure that they fully understand the role and qualifying further information about them. Information that we typically screen for includes communication ability, work experience and skills, stability in previous roles, reasons for leaving current role, location, availability, remuneration expectations, qualifications, visa status, and other active job opportunities. We chase up all necessary documentation from applicants such as qualifications, portfolios and anything that is unclear in a CV.

Our shortlists keep you up to date: On a weekly basis we will provide you with a ranked shortlist report with key comments on all applicants and will send you the CVs of highly ranked, phone qualified applicants. We give our recommendations and can help you decide on applicants to interview. If a star applicant comes up at any time, their profile will immediately be sent to you so that you get a chance to meet with them before they are snapped up elsewhere.

Ongoing communication with applicants: Be assured that we regularly communicate with applicants to make sure that they are kept updated at all steps of recruitment and get their feedback at critical stages like interviews. This ensures that applicants form a positive impression of your company’s recruitment practices and makes it less likely that they will drop out or take another role without you knowing that they have been interviewing elsewhere. Every applicant that applies is responded to and kept informed on their application.

4 Follow Up Services

Interview support: In order to support you after the shortlisting process we provide additional service options. We can help with interview coordination with applicants, and help you prepare your interview questions. For some clients we conduct initial face-face interviews to screen applicants further, and we can participate in your interview panel.

Reference checking: We always recommend you do reference checking with applicants’ current or previous managers. We can provide templates for reference checking or can carry out reference checking for you, presenting you with a written document of the referees’ verbatim comments.

Making an offer and beyond: Once you have found your preferred applicant it is absolutely critical to quickly and smoothly get them on board. We can assist with offer templates, and offer negotiation, as well as developing your employee induction processes.