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Advertising under your brand or ours ?? At recruitsme we can advertise under your brand or without it, which is the best way to go …. We recently had an experience where we were engaged to hire a Business Analyst for a client while they also promoted the opportunity themselves under their brand, our service filled the role – why would that be ???

Advertising under different brands has a different response , why is this:
– Applying to a commercial organisation directly compared to applying to a “neutral” recruitment organisation can be very different for a potential employee. When they apply to an organisation they have to fully commit and are sending their CV into the commercial world without knowledge of how it will be treated or handled. When applying to an agency they can first qualify more about the opportunity before making that full committment. This allows someone who is cautious to feel safe about applying where they would not apply directly…
– How strong is the company brand ? how is it viewed in the marketplace ? Does the potential employee know people who have worked at the company or do work at the company. Assumptions are often made about a company that are based on old information, historical chatter about you as an employer (from a disgruntled ex employee back 5 years ago?), press information, and limited understanding on what you actually do as a business.
– Are you growing a new division ? hiring people for a new sector can mean that you have no reputation in this new area so attracting people can be hard as they dont see you as a strong business to join.
Will people know who you are ? If they havent heard of you before can this effect their willingness to apply – YES.

And then there is the overall PR aspect, do you want your business’s name promoted as a growing business that is hiring people, recruitment advertising can send a good message, OR do you want to be under the radar…

I have often found that while some company branded adverts get a good response, some may get a better response with neutral advertising. We always discuss this and let you decide the best option for your business

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